V-Lazer Group is one of the largest holdings in the Russian Far East and one of the most significant trading and manufacturing companies in Russia. We are successful in several branches, and the major ones are manufacturing and selling audio, video and home appliances. The most well-known Russian and foreign manufacturers are among our partners. Nowadays, V-Lazer is a group of companies including over 60 home appliances stores, hypermarkets and Vl-Mart chain food supermarkets, Ocean Facility manufacturing 40 thousand items of up-to-date home appliances monthly, recreation base that is one of the best on the coast, logistics and security companies, total of about ten diversified companies.

V-Lazer home appliances chain stores is a largest retail chain in the Far East. Our stores are located in Primorye and Khabarovsky Krai, Amursky Oblast, Kamshatka, Sakhalin, Magadan, Yakutia and Siberia.  

Success Highlights

September 15, 1991, the founder of V-Lazer Group Boris Postovalov established a small private family business.   

September, 1992, a small home appliances store opened on only 10 sq. meters rented at a Central Gorky Library in Ussuriysk. Initially, the company focused on selling audio, video and home appliances of good quality.

In 1994, another store was bought at Ussuriysk municipal open auction, and by 2005 the Company created a chain of 30 stores located in large cities all over the Russian Far East.

1996 - a Company-owned service center Vega-Garant was founded in Ussuriysk to provide warrant service, repairs, hook up and set up for the appliances sold by V-Lazer. The same year, the Company opened an office in Moscow.

1997 - founded a security company Condor - today it is a group of companies including two security agencies and a special equipment store.

1998 -, the Company purchased a group of buildings and an area left from the bankrupted facility Rodina at Ussuriysk municipal auction. By 1994, it had manufactured Ocean refrigerators that used to  be popular in the USSR. In 1998 the Company started a construction materials shop, wood processing shop and automatic molding machinery shop. These facilities have played a great role to expedite modification and next development of Rodina Plant's process area. Despite the financial crisis of 1998, the Company's leadership team made up a decision to restore the production process, and not with the old-dated technologies but with the new ones. New equipment was purchased, the staff was trained at the world best manufacturers of home appliances. October, 6, 1998, the first LG GR-282 was assembled and donated to a children's orphanage in Ussuriysk. This day may be thought the start of mass production at the Plant.

1999 - a transportation and logistics company VL-Logistic was founded to provide multimodal transportations and full scope of logistics. The same year, we founded a company VL-Product to operate the work of V-Lazer's food supermarkets, as well as started Prestige Club, a V-Lazer discount system.

2001 - Ocean Facility service department was founded to provide reliable protection for our clients in case of a potential problem. As per today, there are over 100 authorized service centers working in Russia's largest cities.

2002 - Ocean Facility that had assembled LG, BEKO, SAMSUNG, TCL, DAEWOO and KONKA marks items by that time, started its own production - TV's, fridges and laundry machines under Ocean trademark. In a very short time, the Ocean TM products gained popularity with consumers in Primorye, Khabarovsk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and Yakutsk.

2003 - the first hypermarket as a symbiosis of a food supermarket and a home appliances store, opened in Vladivostok. The hypermarket sales space is almost 3 thousand square meters. The same year, the Plant's products was presented at The Best Primorye's Product 2003 Contest, and a fridge Ocean RN 3320 gained a diploma.

2004 - a recreation base Ocean opened in Khasan District - Primorye's best climate corner. The base has become a favorite recreation place not only for Primorye's residents, but also visitors from Khabarovsky Krai, Amursky Oblast and Jewish Oblast. The Ocean Base is over 5 hectares adjacent to the shore of a crystal clean sea, a wide half-a-kilometer beach, picturesque cliffs and an amazing view of virgin nature. Late the same year, another V-Lazer hypermarket opened in Nakhodka - a complex of stores total area of 3,700 square meters. Today, both V-Lazer hypermarkets are not only the largest stores in Primorye, but also the most frequently visited ones. The same year, the Ocean Plant's product - an Ocean TVset 54 ТЦ 6501 - gained a diploma at The Best Primorye's Product Contest.

March, 2005 V-Lazer gained a «Russian National Olympus» award within «Big Business. Service . Trade». General Director Boris Postovalov gained the symbol of the highest public recognition - personal Order For Honor and Virtue, and V-Lazer received «The Golden Olympus» main award.

Late 2004 - early 2005. V-Lazer Group is over 70 home appliances stores in large cities all over the Far East, 2 hypermarkets and 4 food supermarkets, Ocean Facility manufacturing 40 thousand items of up-to-date home appliances monthly, as well as over ten diversified companies. The Company has more than 3 thousand employees.

In December, 2005,  a trade mark VL-Mart registered, but the work on it actually started in February, 2006. The same year, June 2006, VL-Mart gained the first success and received an award as The Best Primorye's Product.

V-Lazer, LLC, enters the list of 100 largest companies in the Russian Far East.  
June, 2006 - VL-Mart received an award as The Best Primorye's Product.

VL-Mart  gained Golden and Silver diplomas as «The Brand of the Year 2007».
April - a second V-Lazer store of home appliances opened in Yakutsk. Our Company offered a rich assortment of home appliances located in 300 square meters.
August - Ocean Facility's products are one of the best in Primorye. A fridge Daewoo Side-by-Side by Ocean was marked as the Best Primorye's Product and got a diploma from «The Best Primorye's Product-2007» contest.
September - a comfortable hotel Ocean opened at Ocean Recreation Base. Four floors, 48 rooms with full-range service, a store, a restaurant, an open-air café, 24 hours Internet - all this is available for our visitors.
December - Ocean Facility produced a people's fridge. The fridges Daewoo 415 and 417 were developed together with Daewoo engineers and designers according to our Company's own design specially for the Russian market. Everything up to the smallest details is taken into account in it.
December - Ocean Plant's fridge Daewoo Side-by-Side got a diploma within 100 Best Russia's Products Contest and a badge of honor as a Quality Champion.

VL-Mart starts Own Trademark production.

April,26 - VL-Mart comes to Khabarovsk: a VL-Mart chain food supermarket opened there. A new store of 700 square meters opened at # 112a, Shelesta St.

May, 31- a second VL-Mart chain food supermarket opened in Khabarovsk.  

July - a new entertainment center opened at the recreation base. Our water park is the largest in the Far East, there are 5 slides, four of which come out into warm water pools, and one goes right into the sea. Besides, ozone treated heated pools, a new disco hall with up-to-date sound and lights equipment are waiting for you, as well as buffet service for well and healthy nourishing.

August, 2 - a home appliances store opened in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.


- VL-Logistics, LLС, improves multimodal service.
- A V-Lazer trade center including home appliances department, a VL-Mart food supermarket and a cafe opens in Vladivostok.

- VL-Mart won a golden prize in Trade Mark of the Year 2008 Contest.
- A people's fridge Daewoo FR-415 produced by Ocean Plant entered the list of 100 Best Russia's Products.  - The third V-Lazer's home appliances store in Siberia opened in Ust-Ilimsk. - Ocean Facility specifically allocates the production process: the Company purchased equipment that has nothing similar in the Far East, this helps to fabricate any plastic elements for fridges, as well as plastic framed glass shelves.

Ocean Facility proves their world level quality - a certificate of compliance to quality management system according to international standards ISO 9001-2001 applicable to fridges production.

A VL-Mart supermarket opened at Ocean Recreation Base.

- VL-Mart opens an Internet-store to buy food and relevant goods.
- A V-Lazer home appliances store opened at Ocean Recreation Base. The store aim is an image - to introduce the Plant's products to customers. But here the appliances can be bought, too, and the Company will deliver it right home.

V-Lazer starts sales of their own first personal computers under Millenium trademark.

- V-Lazer home appliances on-line store site won the second 25 Primorye's Sites Contest in On-Line Purchase category.
- VL-Logisitcs, LLC, gets the gold award as Regional Brand within Trademark Of The Year 2009 Contest.        

Today, V-Lazer Group is a living diversified and continuously improving organization trending to the client's interests. The Company's careful work to improve all activity fields gives a new impulse for the Company's development and prosperity. Our challenge is success, and we are happy to move towards it together with you as partners.