Condor Security Company

Any person coming to Condor Group can recon upon comprehensive assistance. Condor Security Companies guarantee to ensure your personal security, as well as security for your business, and the Technical Service will install and setup any type of system for you property technical security and protection. With 9 years of work at security service market, Condor Group has gained confidence of many organizations, companies and private persons. Besides well-qualified services of licensed security men equipped with modern communications, Condor Group focus on building up technical support for the secured objects. This gives the clients a significant decrease of security costs.

Condor Group leadership believes, that ensuring an effective security system at the best cost is the basic factor for developing any business.


Condor Security Company Organization Chart:

  • Condor Security Company
    - physical security,
    - technical security,
    - design and install fire protection alarm systems.
  • Condor - Security Systems
    - wholesales and retail sales of security and specialized equipment, the whole range of fire alarm system devices,
    - security video control systems (digital video recorders, video cameras),
    - install security equipment systems of any level complexity.
  • Hunters' Store Condor-SAFARI: weapons
    - cartridges,
    - relevant goods,
    - everything for mountain fisheries,
    - active recreation goods (four-wheelers, mopeds).
  • Condor Company, LLC
    - wholesales and retail sales,
    - consulting within security issues,
    - Lazer Shooting Range (arrange games, equipment sales and supplies).

Today Condor is:

  • Condor security companies in Ussuriysk and Vladivostok providing a whole range of security services, including a control room radio security due to the Company's own central control room.
  • Condor-Security Systems' stores chain in Ussuriysk, Arsenyev, Nakhodka, Vladivostok selling specific security equipment, video control equipment, a whole range of fire alarm system devices;
  • An Installation Department providing installation and maintenance for fire alarm systems, video control, access control eqipment, etc., working at any location all over Primorsky Krai;
  • Condor-SAFARI - an extreme tourism store offering all types of civil weapons and relevant goods, items for mountain fishery, special and quality clothes for hunters, tourists and fishermen, as well as moto equipment for active recreation outdoors.

Condor Group is over 180 guarded facilities of different types and property.

V-Lazer Holding Company, Euroset sales Chain, several Ussuriysky Balsam's stores, Aviation Companies Primorsky Agency, PHARM drugs shops chain, jewelry stores chain and many other companies, businessmen and private persons are among the Company's clients.