Ocean Facility

A Process Giant's Second Life

The largest in the Far East home appliances plant Ocean has become a leader manufacturing home appliances. Over 30 thousand items of production under LG, DAEWOO and ОCEAN roll off the production line every month. OCEAN is the Plant's own brand successfully revived from a fridges trademark Ocean that used to be very popular in the Russian Far East. The Plant's home appliances due to their reliability, high quality and inexpensive prices, have gained confidence not only within the Far-Eastern residents but in Russia on the whole, too. It is providing quality and inexpensive home appliances to residents, trend to customers with middle income is the main goal of Ocean Facility. It can be safely said that quality control for the produced items is at the top of Ocean's manufacturing process. A three-level quality control proves that. A so called random test is used, where the procedure is that a part of finished products is placed on a continuous test run and a special equipment controls the most important characteristics during 24 hours. Besides, the products quality control analysis is performed through the Company's Service Department and customers.
Concerning Ocean Plant's Service Department, today over 100 of its branches are working in Russia's largest cities. The Company's service ensures a reliable protection in case of a possible problem.
Ocean's achievements were noticed - in 2003 its products were first represented at The Best Primorye's Product 2003 Contest, and a fridge Ocean RN 3320 gained a diploma. The same year this model won a diploma at an All-Russian contest «100 Best Russia's Products» within industrial products. In 2004, an Ocean TV set 54 ТЦ 6501 was an awardee at The Best Primorye's Product Contest.
In 2007, Ocean Facility's production is one of the best in Primorye. A fridge Daewoo Side-by-Side by Ocean was marked as the Best Primorye's Product and got a diploma from The Best Primorye's Product Contest, also Ocean's fridge Daewoo Side-by-Side received a diploma within 100 Best Russia's Products Contest and a badge of honor as a Quality Champion.
In 2008, a people's fridge Daewoo FR-415 gained two diplomas as «Novelty of the Year» and «100 Best Russia's Products», and also it was awarded badge of honor as a Quality Champion and For Quality Achievements.
Thus, the investments into the Facility's production have proved their value. Today Ocean is capable to implement new technologies in a prompt manner, create high quality products and services and introduce them into the market. Ocean's appliances are reliable at a popular price. Due to the fact that Ocean is a manufacturer but not a reseller, the price for its appliances is significantly lower whereas the quality is competitive against foreign similar products. A firm conclusion here is that home appliances production in the Far East has been renewed and brought up to the main world manufacturers level. Appliances produced in Primorye are competitive and have found its own consumers in Primorsky Krai as well as in other Russia's regions.
In 2009 the Plant received a certificate of compliance to quality management system according to international standards ISO 9001-2001 applicable to fridges production. At the ceremony is was stressed that the certificate is a guarantee of the Company's high level of responsibility to a customer and business partners, as well as gives advantages over competitors.

Working in industry means to develop market and the company simultaneously. Ocean Facility is capable to implement new technologies in a prompt manner, create high quality products and services and introduce them into the market, and at the same time to create a close-knit and effective team with well-developed cooperation and communicative skills.