Prestige Club

A Club For You And Your Family

V-Lazer's discount system Prestige-Club is a system of bonuses and discounts covering not only V-Lazer's store but also more than 300 companies-partners in the cities all over the Far East. For this, you need to buy a Prestige Club card in any store of the Company. A Prestige Club card and catalogue saves up to 20 per cent of goods or services.

V-Lazer's discount system Prestige-Club - in other words, a system of bonuses and discounts - was founded in 1999 aiming to satisfy a client's needs at most, provide him with comfort, information and attractive price policy. Today it connects not only V-Lazer stores but also over 300 companies-partners in the cities all over the Far East. The number of Prestige Club card owners comes close to 400 thousand.
A Prestige Club discount card is a real saving of money as discounts both in V-Lazer stores and the Club's partners.

To ensure an attractive discount system we cover a maximum of goods and services activities such as health & medical, beauty salon, education, insurance, communications, design, recreation and entertainment, legal services, catering, tourism, transport, constructions and materials, office appliances and computers, books and stationery and many others.
In a wallet, Prestige Club card does not take a lot of place and works as an access to a complex of up-to-date high level services.  And Prestige Club management takes all efforts to make the club card an integral and attractive for as many business people today as possible understanding that the Club's future is in developing service infrastructure and discount programs.