Service Department

VL-Service is a department within V-Lazer Group organization chart. VL-Service main activities are:

  • Selling parts for fridges, washing machines, ovens, TV, video and audio. We are parts distributors for trademarks DAEWOO, BEKO, ОCЕАN, CORALL, TCL, KONKA. Deliveries can be shipped from Vladivostok and Ussuriysk.
  • Arrange service & maintenance for the products sold in V-Lazer stores chain.
  • Ensure guarantee service for the equipment manufactured at Ocean Facility (trademarks DAEWOO, BEKO, ОCЕАN, CORALL, TCL, TJT)
  • Provide maintenance agents for Daewoo Electronics services in Russian Federation. 

During the 5 years of our work at the market the Company has developed stable partnership relations with parts manufacturers, as well as more than 100 service centers all over Russia. The assortment of parts is continuously renewed. We strongly develop new activity trends.