About us


Dear friends!

On behalf of V-Lazer Team and myself, I’m glad to welcome you to our site.

Today V-Lazer Company is one of the largest holdings in the Russian Far East and one of the most significant trading and manufacturing companies in Russia. We are successful in several branches, and the major ones are manufacturing and selling audio, video and home appliances. The most well-known Russian and foreign manufacturers are among our partners.

Nowadays, V-Lazer is a group of companies including over 60 home appliances stores in large cities all over the Far East, Ocean Facility manufacturing 40 thousand items of up-to-date home appliances monthly, and total of about ten diversified companies. The Company has its own discount system “Prestige Club” that is unique for this type of company in the Far East. Today V-Lazer has obtained the reputation of a reliable partner, recognition in business, stable business relations and a professional team.

The Company contributes a lot into the economy and infrastructure in Primorye and the Far East. Whilr the whole country targets to doubling GDP, V-Lazer Group has increased it 10 times in the last five years. We challenge excellent prospects and we are confident of success, that’s why we want to assure you that V-Lazer Company will continue working in the best practices of business relations.

Boris Postovalov
Owner, BOD Chairman